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Get In The Ring: The Mexico´s Nationals organised by Endeavor

For the first time in Mexico, Endeavor is preparing to "Get in the Ring" and you are invited to be part of the event this year. Get in the Ring is a non-profit event concept, initiated by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, to bring the most promising entrepreneurs from around the world in contact with investors and inspire visitors to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle is the international competition of Get in the Ring, where entrepreneurs face off to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000. The battle takes place between June and November, with the grand finale during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Netherlands on the 21st of November.

Competition Phases

To participate in the challenge, you will have to pass through the following phases:


Phase 1: Registration July 17 – August 30

Click on the registration button at the top of the page to begin your application and upload your business plan.


Phase 2:  Semifinalist Video Submission September 9-15

20 semifinalists will be selected to participate in the National Final. Once selected, they will be notified and will have to produce and upload a video (max 2 minutes) from September 9-15. The video must include information on each of the following topics:  teamwork, achievements, business model, market finance and investment proposal.  Creativity is welcomed! The video is to be submitted by the team leader who will be presenting at the Regional Final in Kansas City. 


Phase 3: National Final in Mexico City – October 2

After this round, Investors, or "champions", will select 5 teams to advance to the Regional Final.


Phase 4: Regional Final in Kansas City, Missouri – November 6 & 7

A total of 15 firms from Mexico, USA, and Canada (five per country) will participate in this phase.  The international judges will then select the finalists who will move on to the final round.


Phase 5:  International Final in Rotterdam, Netherlands – November 21

The global winner of Get In The Ring 2014 will be selected.    

* The travel expenses to Kansas City and Rotterdam will be afforded for one participant per team.


Competition Dynamic

Each round will consist of one-on-one battles in the boxing ring.  The entrepreneurs will be asked questions by investors and given feedback.  The investors will then select the best contestants who present the most lucrative investment potential. 


 Criteria and Requirements

1. The startup may not have more than 5 years of operation.

2. It is essential to have an advanced level of the English language.

3. Must have a scalable model and innovative business.

4. The team representative who will be traveling must have a valid passport and visa for the United States and the Netherlands.

5. Must be seeking funding of up to 1 million euros.

For questions or comments, please contact daniela.barroso@endeavor.org.mx

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